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Who we are

WaterWorks SA is a Cape Town based company dedicated to the sales,servicing, installations, sanitation and essential maintenance of all types of water coolers, hydroboils, air and water purifiers. Including ice makers and refridgerator filters.

  • With over 9 years experience in the field of water purification, WaterWorks SA guarantees a reliable service at an affordable price.
  • All WaterWorks SA customers are uploaded onto a rotating Service Schedule – and receive a phone call from us when a service call is due, eg. filter replacements, deliveries or sanitations.

Join our list of satisfied customers today - and know that the water available to your family, staff or clients is coming from a clean and sterilised dispenser, every time.


‘waterworks have provided us with a great service, at a very affordable price. Of all the companies with which we have held water contracts, Water Works are undoubtedly the most responsive, professional and cost effective.’ - Charles Pettit, Managing Director – AfrAsia Corporate Finance (Pty) Ltd.

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